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Genesis Chinese Writing Ministry Institute is a non-denominational and non-profit organization.  It was founded by a group of devoted Christian writers who desired to serve God through writing. The faith-based ministry is established to help equip, disciple and shepherd Chinese Christian writers called with the same vision to minister through writing and build a spiritual community for Chinese Writing Ministry.
It is best known that Chinese Christian writing ministry is only in its pioneer stage; so is the Chinese Christian literature which is still in its developing stage. Many writers with Christian faith today struggle as to how to present their faith in writing as the Word becomes flesh. Some are searching for a calling from God as others are discerning whether to devote part time or full time in writing ministry.
It is our mission to carry out the vision of Christian Writing Ministry, by providing a spiritual environment for writers called to serve, holding various workshops to hone the writers craft, or simply training people to weave a Christian perspective into their writing as well as providing spiritual formation for writers, editors, and translators.
The Institute offers a wide-range of writing classes including basic writing, editing, interviewing, and translation for beginners as well as advanced writers. The classes also cover an overview of culture, trends in humanities, and literature appreciation. The classes are designed to integrate theology, literature, mission and personal spiritual journey into writing so as to present the day-to-day living faith in a vibrant way through different media. It is our core belief that workers should come before their works and that the lives of authors should speak volume of their writings.  
In the short run, the Institute seeks to serve as a training ground for churches in developing its own editorial teams or writers in publications as well as in the area of multi-media communications. It also wishes to help theological seminaries to equip pastors or ministers to present messages and sermons through creative ways. Furthermore, it is our hope that every Christian should be able to organize their inner thoughts, establish their inner souls, and eventually present their personal testimonies in forms of writing.
In the long run, the Institute intends to connect with other seasoned Chinese Christian writers, to work collaboratively in the 21st century, to carry on the vision from generation to generation, to promote Chinese writing ministry, and to create a new era .
This ministry is supported by the prayers and financial support of individuals and churches who share our vision. If you consider making a gift to the Genesis Chinese Writing Ministry Institute, please make it payable to 
Genesis Chinese Writing Ministry Institute or GCWMI

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